Mariposa Therapy & Assessment, PLLC

Marta J.L. Miranda, Psy.D.,  Clinical Psychologist

Welcome/Bienvenidos/Bem vindos
I am a clinical psychologist in private practice working in Seattle, Washington.  My practice focuses on serving immigrants, helping adults heal from childhood trauma, and empowering my clients to find their voices in the dominant culture that surrounds them.  I specialize in the treatment of Complex Trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, addictions, and relationship issues.

As a psychotherapist, my approach is integrative, with a particular focus on psychodynamic, feminist, and trauma-informed therapies. Practically speaking, this means that I aim to "meet" my clients where they are, understanding that maladaptive coping strategies developed out of a need to manage difficult or traumatic life circumstances.  Together, we seek to identify and understand these problematic behaviors and learn new ways of being in the world that will help you attain your goals.   I am especially mindful of the ways that culture manifests itself in my client's lives, particularly clients' experience of cultural/racial oppression. 

La Dra. Miranda ofrece psicoterapia y evaluaciones psicológicas en español/ A Dra. Miranda oferece psicoterapia e avaliações psicológicas em português.